iPhone Battery Repair

Has your iPhone battery stopped giving you the battery life you were used to or have your battery just given up? We can repair your iPhone with an iPhone battery replacement or iPhone battery repair.

Our certified shop has repaired many phones and we guarantee that your iPhone battery will work perfectly again.
We carry out all repairs in our own workshop. We don’tĀ  send the iPhone to another service center. This allows us to have the fastest and cheapest service on the market. Most repairs we fix within 1 hour.

Battery Consumption for iPhone:

If you’ve updated to iOS 9 or later, you can check up on how much battery percentage is spent for each app.

iPhone battery Repair , iPhone battery replacement

Navigate to Settings> Battery.

PressĀ  which allows you to see the battery usage for each app.

Background activity means your battery is used while the app is running in the background.
Sound means apps play audio while the app is running in the background.


Customize settings to improve battery life

Your iOS can provide suggestions on what you can do to increase battery life.

Learn more about maximizing battery life.

Enable Power Save Mode to extend battery life. It reduces energy consumption until you can turn it off or charge your iPhone to 80%.

If you still need iPhone battery replacement or iPhone Battery Repair please contact us.

All batteries are of high quality and it includes a 100 days warranty.

Important information:

If it is possible to make a backup of the device’s data, we recommend that you do it before.