iMac Repair

The iMac has an excellent design that appeals a lot of people. The problem is iMac need some iMac repair from time to time. We provide any iMac Repair in Regina.

No matter what the issue is we at Regina Repair & Electronics can fix it or replace the part. Most issues would be software, hard drives, fan replacement or memory ram upgrade. From time to time you might want to clean the iMac from inside from dust collected.

The iMac came in many sizes there is the 20″ and 24″ and newer iMac comes in iMac 21.5″ or the iMac 27″.

An iMac contains the shell, the flexible stand, memory ram, power supply, mother board or main board, hard drive, screen and the LCD , the fan and many other small components in order to work.

Every iMac that comes in to our shop will be diagnosed and you will get quoted before any repairs starts. We strive to get the best parts for the best prices

So if you need an iMac repair in Regina don’t hesitate calling us , we would love to help you.